Tracking on demand.

Access individual, group, and organization-wide data at anytime. GlobeSmart's integrated self-serve reporting tool allows you to monitor signups, engagement and other metrics.

Insightful usage reports.

GlobeSmart usage reports allow you to analyze key trends within your organization. Discover which cultures and topics your people want to learn about and where additional training may be needed.

Analytics tailored to your organization.

Your dedicated account support team will help customize your GlobeSmart reports to reflect the metrics most important to your organization.

Track company initiatives.

Examine the before and after of internal initiatives and learning programs.

An example of tracking company initiatives within Aperian Globals GlobeSmart learning platform.

Detect trends in site activity.

Analyze cultures and topics that your colleagues need to know about.

An example of detecting trends in site activity within Aperian Globals GlobeSmart learning platform.

Measure progress.

Examine aggregate data and use our assessments as 360 evaluations in the areas of inclusion, leadership, and cultural competence.

A screenshot of inclusive behavior scores in the GlobeSmart platform by Aperian Global.

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