Learning platform integration.

GlobeSmart's valuable content can integrate into your learning management systems and content aggregators.

One-click access.

Single Sign-On (SSO) integration allows you to log in to GlobeSmart seamlessly with one click from your organization's intranet or LMS. GlobeSmart uses industry-leading technology to support SAML connections from your system.

Integrated analytics.

GlobeSmart can be monitored with other LMS tracking tools, so you can keep all your analytics together.

Speed up adoption.

Employees can easily find and start using GlobeSmart content since it integrates into your learning platform. No extra initiatives or promotions necessary!

A screenshot of the LMS integration menu in Aperian Global's GlobeSmart platform.

Increase efficiency and productivity.

Integration and seamless access to GlobeSmart allows learners to discover new knowledge without searching for another password.

A listing of LMSs that seamlessly integrate with Aperian Globals GlobeSmart learning platform.

All content under one roof.

GlobeSmart becomes a coordinated part of your organization’s talent development and training resources.

A screenshot of featured learning pathways in Aperian Globals GlobeSmart platform

Add GlobeSmart’s expert knowledge to your learning platform

GlobeSmart is a key element in your coordinated, organized, and findable learning resources

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