Perception Management

How much inquisitiveness, tolerance for ambiguity, and non-judgmentalness does one bring to intercultural experiences

Relationship Management

How well does an individual develop and maintain effective relationships with people from other cultures

Self Management

How well does an individual manage the stresses associated with working in a culturally diverse environment

Developed by the Kozai Group, the GCI is a comprehensive, statistically valid and reliable self-assessment that can be a key component of:

  • Recruitment and hiring decisions
  • Expatriate/inpatriate selection
  • Global leader selection and development
  • Executive coaching and global competency development for managers
  • Executive education programs
  • Pre/post evaluation of training programs, or pre/post measurement of global leadership competencies

GCI Report

Upon completing the assessment a detailed feedback report is provided containing the following:

  • Scores on each dimension, with explanations and typical profiles
  • Personalized action plan for improvement
  • Definitions of the dimensions and strategies for development
  • Best practices for developing intercultural capacity
  • Additional resources for further research
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Certification is valid for 3 years.

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