Continuous Learning

How much an individual has learned about different cultures, ethnic groups and backgrounds

Interpersonal Engagement

How well an individual builds and maintains positive relationships with people from other cultures


How well an individual manages stress when adapting to and working with diverse cultures and foreign environments

Developed by the Kozai Group, the IES is a statistically valid and reliable self-assessment that is quick, low cost, and easy to use. The IES enables corporate, non-profit, and educational organizations to:

  • Measure the ability of people to operate with a global mindset
  • Assess the impact of a learning program or curriculum for global competency development
  • Engage more effectively with diverse cultural backgrounds

IES Report

Upon completing the assessment a detailed feedback report provides the following:

  • The user’s intercultural effectiveness score, with explanations of scores and typical profiles
  • Personalized action plan for improvement
  • Definitions of the dimensions and strategies for development
  • Best practices for developing intercultural capacity
  • Additional resources for further research
Pricing: $30 per user

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