Valuable insights into how you work

The GlobeSmart Profile is a powerful, statistically validated instrument that allows you to discover your preferred work style and see how you compare to other cultures, colleagues, and team members.

Dynamic, Real-Time Advice

GlobeSmart’s proprietary algorithm gives you custom advice for working with specific colleagues and cultures on topics like building trust, giving feedback, and obtaining information.

In-depth information on 100 cultures

With GlobeSmart Culture Guides, you'll get the critical insights you need on the cultures you're working with. With 50 business topics in each culture, you can learn the essentials of interacting effectively with people worldwide.

Unparalleled Simplicity.

The GlobeSmart work-style Profile is quick to take and easy to understand. After the analysis of your “five cultural dimensions,” you can share the Profile with colleagues to help build stronger working relationships around the world.

Receive advice for working across the globe, in real-time

Achieve your organizational goals.

With GlobeSmart’s actionable advice and curated information from around the world, we can help you:

  • Build stronger relationships with your global clients and colleagues
  • Learn strategies for persuading and presenting
  • Deliver feedback more effectively
  • Create an inclusive environment
  • And much more

A great tool to open conversations on cultural intelligence that is scalable, easy to administer and will be useful to any team that wants to leverage the diversity of their work styles.

Alaukika Singh, Diversity & Inclusion, HR Communications Lead

I use it nearly every day to adapt my work style based on the people I’m collaborating with. It makes me much more effective in operating in a global environment.

— GlobeSmart user, Shure

I have been using this tool for over a decade for various segments in leading global teams—I’m never disappointed.

— GlobeSmart user, HCL Technologies

I already shared GlobeSmart with my various colleagues! It is covering a real unmet need: helping us understand our work preferences and styles, and those of our colleagues, as a foundation for working together in a more collaborative and empathetic way.

— GlobeSmart user, Novartis

I love that the tool helps people look at their preferences through a cultural lens, and that you can learn to communicate, collaborate, and engage with people more effectively.

— GlobeSmart user, Dell Technologies

I found the tool very useful to enhance my communication with peers of different cultures. I use this tool within my team with very good results so far.

— GlobeSmart user, Amazon

I had a great team meeting thanks to [the GlobeSmart Profile], and did gain interesting insight on a cultural issue I was experiencing.

— GlobeSmart user, GE

It’s an amazing way to empathize and know the best way to communicate and influence others by meeting them where they are at.

— GlobeSmart user, Cargill

As a naturally fast speaker, the tips and guidance in GlobeSmart will truly change how I converse with my customers and when interviewing candidates.

— GlobeSmart user, AWS
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