How do you nurture qualities that you know are necessary for your organization to succeed, but that seem intangible?

Things like global-mindedness, inclusivity, and cultural awareness?

We turn the intangible into actionable with GlobeSmart’s customized assessments, learning modules, culture guides, and blended learning solutions.

Put GlobeSmart in Your Human Resources Toolbox

Onboarding a new employee who will be working with diverse coworkers? Preparing a team to work globally?

With the GlobeSmart Profile, people discover their work style preferences. Then they compare with their colleagues—or the average profiles from countries they’ll be working with—and receive detailed advice for engaging effectively with them.

“RAD-AID International is a non-profit that promotes equity in global health radiology by developing human capacity in 31 nations around the world.

During the on-boarding process, GlobeSmart tools help prepare our volunteers for travel so that our teams demonstrate cultural humility, awareness, and respect within our partnerships.”

Melissa Culp, M.Ed., RT(R)(MR), Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of RAD-AID International

Help Managers Improve the Productivity of Global Teams

It’s not easy to collaborate when team members have different expectations around decision-making, hierarchy, and meeting management.

GlobeSmart learning modules such as Managing Global Perspectives on Initiative and The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit can kickstart productivity in your global teams.

Attract Top Talent

80% of U.S. workers say that inclusion is an important factor when choosing an employer. What talent is passing you by?

The Inclusive Behaviors Inventory measures the level of inclusion of individuals and entire organizations. It then provides a detailed report with recommendations for improvement.

Assess Talent for Global Leadership Potential

Do you need a reliable, statistically-verified way to determine who has the potential to be a global leader at your organization?

Feel confident recommending candidates for promotion. The Global Competencies Inventory assesses 16 competencies that are key to successful global leadership.

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