It’s not an easy task to develop your people to work effectively in the global arena.

GlobeSmart’s assessments, learning modules and culture guides easily integrate into your learning management systems to help you engage learners and shape global leaders.

“Our consultants have commented on how the tool has really helped to break the ice within their volunteer teams. I could not think of a better tool that leads to more awareness and team building!”

Sabrina Quaraishi, Director, Bankers without Borders: The Grameen Foundation

Develop Your Global Leaders

Do you need to assess your organization’s global leadership capabilities?

The Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) is a statistically robust tool designed to do just that. The inventory results can be used as part of a candidate selection process and for targeted training and coaching.

Build a More Inclusive Workplace

Are you trying to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace?

With the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI), you can assess the inclusivity of your organization. Based on the IBI results you will be able to develop a specific strategy for increasing inclusion among executives, managers and employees.

Increase the Cultural Agility of Your Employees

Help employees succeed as they work across cultures. With the GlobeSmart Profile they will learn how different work and communication styles can impact interactions with others.

When you’re certified in using the Profile, you’ll help them engage productively with colleagues from around the world—or in the next cubicle.

Build Better Global Teamwork

Spark productivity in your global teams.

With the Global Team Assessment (GTA) you can gather 360° team feedback and discover strengths, weaknesses, and key areas for development. You’ll be able to coach team leaders—and members—and facilitate meaningful team building activities.

Scale Learning Throughout Your Organization

Help your employees develop skills to improve virtual team meetings, give constructive feedback across cultures, and avoid unintended missteps when working abroad.

GlobeSmart offers Learning Modules on a variety of global topics which can be tailored for your organization.

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