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Unparalleled Simplicity

The GlobeSmart work-style Profile is quick and easy to understand. After analysis of five "cultural dimensions," you can share your Profile with colleagues to help build stronger working relationships.

Dynamic, Real-time Advice

When comparing your Profile with a colleague or culture, GlobeSmart’s proprietary algorithm gives you custom advice on topics like building relationships, giving feedback and obtaining information.

Boosted Team Inclusion and Productivity

Team Profiles offer a simple but powerful exercise for understanding and bridging differences - ensuring a high level of both productivity and inclusion on a team.

Get advice on working with 100 cultures.

Get access to extensive, dynamically generated advice for working with the average Profile of cultures around the world.

Receive advice for working across the globe, in real-time

Make your learning inclusive.

Available in multiple languages, the GlobeSmart Profile can be understood across your global employee populations.

Snapshot of a translated Profile comparison

Bridge gaps and build stronger relationships.

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