Raise awareness of inclusion


Identify areas where greater inclusivity is needed


Cultivate skills for acting in a more inclusive way

The IBI examines the following topics:

  • Learning About Bias: How aware are we of our own biases? How do we begin to learn about those who are different?
  • Building Key Skills: What critical skills do we have for acting in a more inclusive way?
  • Working Across Boundaries: How successful are we in working with various aspects of diversity such as gender, generational, functional, cognitive, or cultural?
  • Becoming a Champion: What are we doing to champion inclusion? How well are we doing?
  • Getting Results: How well do we link inclusion to business results?

IBI Report

Upon completing the assessment a detailed feedback report is provided that includes:

  • Inclusive behaviors scores on each dimension
  • Dimension definitions and strategies for development
  • Advice for improving in lower-scoring areas and a personal action plan
  • Aggregate scores for each dimension (if using the team or organization version)
  • Aggregate peer ratings (if using the IBI 360 Multi-Rater version)
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