Inclusion starts within.

We bring a different perspective when measuring inclusion by enabling self-reflection. When everyone is responsible for creating an inclusive environment, you start to see real change.

Data based on science.

The IBI has undergone rigorous psychometric analysis, including reliability, validity, and ongoing testing. Join over 30,000 people who have taken the survey and put inclusion into action.

Scalable learning across the globe.

Designed with a global lens, the IBI offers a seamless rollout to employees at all levels in multiple languages. With an intuitive user experience and concepts that are easy to grasp, learners will quickly begin modeling inclusive behaviors at work.


Discover where you are on your inclusion journey.

How can you know where to go if you don’t know where you are? The IBI provides employees with a self-reflection score ranking across five Inclusive Behaviors. Using this framework provides five clear paths for growth and development.

Learn Five Dimensions of Inclusion with the Inclusive Behaviors Model

Gain insight into cutting-edge inclusion indicators.

Version 3.0 of the IBI released a host of major upgrades, including key inclusion indicators for psychological safety, empathy and perspective-taking, and leadership. The IBI provides dynamic, smart advice and a deeper learning experience for becoming more inclusive.

Get inspired to take action.

Unlock a personal action plan to receive clear strategies for strengthening inclusive behaviors. The IBI journey then provides additional learning prompts and resources to spark change and foster champions of inclusion at your organization.

Experience the power of IBI 360.

All leaders have inclusion gaps. We help you find them. With the 360 feature, leaders have the ability to see if their intent matches the impact of their inclusive actions. They get a complete picture of where to focus with anonymous ratings from peers, managers, or direct reports.

IBI 360 Report Screenshot
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“At Boston Scientific, we recognize that enabling an equitable, inclusive culture is an ongoing journey. The IBI is an essential resource on that journey, helping to meet employees ‘where they’re at’ with insights and actionable advice.”

Shani Bird, Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The IBI is much more intuitive and practical than other assessments that we’ve used at onsemi. It serves as pre-work for our “Building an Inclusive Workplace” program designed for our mid-level managers, which frequently receives positive feedback from learners across the globe.

Derek Swenson, Global Learning & Development, onsemi
Experience a tailored Certification program for your facilitators

Create a sense of belonging for every member of your organization by becoming certified in a leading global inclusion framework.

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