In many areas of study, global awareness and cultural adaptability are essential qualities for success after graduation.

GlobeSmart helps students prepare for a globalized world. By increasing self-awareness, global perspective, and cultural competency, students open many valuable doors for themselves.

“GlobeSmart is a real career accelerator – not only for our students, but for our staff and faculty too. It’s been a tremendous asset to the school. We’re thrilled to be able to use the tool and to see people dive into all the information available to them.”​

Alyson Hyman, Former Associate Director, Global Business Center, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Help Students Gain a Global Perspective

Studying different cultures is one thing, understanding them is another. Equip your students with the awareness they need in the global marketplace.

With GlobeSmart, your students discover their work style preferences and compare with their peers—or people from 100 cultures. Then they receive tailored, practical advice on how to engage effectively.

There is no better source for understanding the impact of culture in international business courses.

Roberto Garcia Ph.D., Clinical Professor of International Business

Explore the World Without Leaving the Classroom

In an ideal world, all students would spend time abroad. But for many, that’s not possible. GlobeSmart can help.

The Culture Guides provide detailed information on 100 cultures around the world. For each culture, students can explore over 50 topics such as Communication Styles, Negotiating, Giving Feedback, Attitudes towards Foreigners, Women in Business and more.

“There are a number of standard leadership-style instruments in the market, however, the IBI is one that is anchored in the new social reality of leading. The changing, diverse workforce of today is what makes the IBI such an essential workplace leadership resource.”

Dr. Lee Meadows, Ph.D., Professor of Management, Walsh College

Pre-Departure Orientation for Study Abroad

Prepare your students for their study abroad experiences with targeted cultural training.

Our learning modules, such as Measuring Cultural Adaptability and Pre-Departure Orientation for Study Abroad are designed specifically to help prepare students for studying internationally.

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