Nurture Productivity and Innovation

With GlobeSmart, team members learn to collaborate across cultures by building core communication skills and shared understanding. The result? An environment that nurtures productivity and innovation.

Optimize Team Members’ Work Styles

Some people like to work independently; others prefer team collaboration.

Is your team optimized for efficiency and productivity?

The GlobeSmart Profile is a statistically validated tool that supports people who are managing global teams and leading virtual teams. It compares work styles and gives team members powerful insight into how to better align with their colleagues.

“Our employees love GlobeSmart – they’ve cascaded it through their teams and beyond. The tool has made them recognize things about themselves they weren’t aware of and has led to real behavior change.”

Lauren Rollins, Learning and Development Specialist

Improve Virtual Team Meetings

Develop a shared focus, mutual trust, and effective ways to share information, especially across cultures and time zones.

GlobeSmart modules such as Inclusive Virtual Team MeetingsManaging Global Perspectives on Initiative and The Remote Manager’s Guide: Inclusive Global Teamwork turn frustrating conference calls into productive conversations.

“We use GlobeSmart to facilitate communication and collaboration between teams, and it is amazing how well it works for people in different countries and from various cultures. We love GlobeSmart!”

Kia Bowden, Sr Learning Program Manager, UKG
Build stronger global teams

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