Have you ever left a meeting feeling like your team accidentally offended a new global client?

Do you have trouble connecting with colleagues in remote offices?

Are you an expatriate struggling to make your new country feel like home?

The discomfort you feel comes from a lack of familiarity. GlobeSmart helps demystify different cultures. It’s specifically designed to help build global awareness and cross-cultural competence.

“Not only has the GlobeSmart platform brought more awareness of culturally-influenced work styles to GE, but it’s also created excitement to learn about them.”

Faizal Zain, Talent Management Leader, GE Asia Pacific

Take the Guesswork Out of Cultural Competence

Feel confident working with global clients or colleagues.

Compare your GlobeSmart Profile with colleagues or against the average profile of 100 different cultures. You’ll see where your work-styles differ and get advice on how to bridge gaps. Soon, you’ll have the skills to engage more effectively with others who have styles different from your own.

Are you preparing for a new job overseas or just working with a culturally diverse team?

GlobeSmart provide in-depth information on 100 cultures across 50 business topics, including:

  • Establishing credibility
  • Communication styles
  • Resolving conflict
  • Influencing decisions
  • Negotiating
  • Business ethics, and much more.

As a naturally fast speaker, the tips and guidance in GlobeSmart will truly change how I converse with my customers and when interviewing candidates.

GlobeSmart User, AWS
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