Get certified in the tools that 40% of the Global Fortune 100 use.

Whether you are working domestically or globally, you’ll be equipped to engage learners and shape global leaders.

GlobeSmart enables us to truly understand behaviors and practices in different countries. It’s a ‘must-have’ resource to thrive in today’s global workplace.

Jean Hau, OD Consultant, Leadership Trainer and Leadership & Executive Coach

Improve Collaboration and Adaptability

Help your learners succeed when working across different work styles.

Use the GlobeSmart Profile to help people improve global teamwork, develop cultural intelligence, and promote inclusion within their organization. Coach them to engage more productively with colleagues from around the world—and in the next cubicle.

Help Build Inclusive Workplaces

Work with your learners to develop more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

With the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI), you will help executives, managers, and entire organizations assess their inclusivity. Based on their results, you will help them create a plan for tangibly improving their metrics.

GlobeSmart is not just a reference tool—it’s an interactive, virtual classroom. I’ve been using the platform for over a decade and have seen it change the course of businesses in the most positive way.

Bonnie-Laila Bhattacharya, Founder, 8Bridges Consulting

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