Turn Inclusion Into a Measurable Metric

Stop guessing.

With the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory you can assess the inclusion level of individual employees, leaders, teams, or your entire organization.

Turn learnings into concrete actions. The inventory provides actionable advice and strategies based on your employees’ scores.

Weave Inclusion into your Corporate Culture

Help your employees build mutual understanding with the GlobeSmart Profile.

The Profile identifies individual work styles and compares them with the styles of colleagues who come from different backgrounds and who work differently.

It then offers concrete advice for more effective collaboration and teamwork.

“GlobeSmart helped us build self awareness of our different work styles and preferences, and to more effectively consult and influence our highly global, diverse workforce at Microsoft.”

Cathy Campbell, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Microsoft

Promote a Culture of Learning and Understanding

Give your employees the confidence to collaborate with colleagues and clients with different work styles.

GlobeSmart Culture Guides offer essential information on interacting effectively with people from almost 100 cultures. Included are more than 50 topics, customized by culture, including Women in BusinessLGBTQ+ communitiesDiversity trends, and Giving Feedback.

Become an Inclusion Champion

Learn more about key diversity topics and make your workplace more inclusive.

Our learning modules like Unconscious Bias and Micro-Inequities, Generational Diversity, Gender Diversity, and Inclusive Recruiting address common pitfalls and arm employees with the knowledge to do better.

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“At Boston Scientific, we recognize that enabling an equitable, inclusive culture is an ongoing journey. The IBI is an essential resource on that journey, helping to meet employees ‘where they’re at’ with insights and actionable advice.”

Shani Bird, Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Do the leaders in your organization know how to manage a diverse range of work styles?

Are your leaders inclusion allies?

Do they help teams with diverse backgrounds achieve the best possible results?

Guide your executives and managers in building inclusive leadership skills. You can choose from a range of blended learning options that include facilitated sessions, as well as self-paced learning modules.

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Promote inclusion with the GlobeSmart learning platform.

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