Are you looking for more innovative solutions to your business challenges?

Do you believe every employee at your organization deserves to be heard?

Are you frustrated when your organization loses out to more forward-thinking companies?

No matter what role you play at your organization, you can be a champion for diversity and inclusion. And we can help.

Benchmark Your Organization’s Level of Inclusion

You want to advocate for increasing diversity and inclusion at your organization, but how?

It starts by assessing your level of inclusion.

The Inclusive Behaviors Inventory measures the inclusivity of people in your organization. You’ll get actionable advice and strategies based on the assessment scores.

Learn to Be Inclusive of Every Work Style

Even the best intentions can lead to unintended consequences.

Work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively with the GlobeSmart Profile. Create a common vocabulary to address previously hidden biases. It’s an invaluable tool in your toolkit for championing diversity and inclusion.

“We wanted to focus on building our global, cultural acumen as an HR community and develop a common language. GlobeSmart helped us learn to build cross-cultural relationships in teams, individually within HR, as well as with our internal client groups.”

Cathy Campbell, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Microsoft

Empower Your Organization with Cultural Knowledge

Give your employees the knowledge and skills to work effectively with colleagues and customers who come from different backgrounds.

GlobeSmart’s Culture Guides offer essential information for effective engagement with almost 100 cultures. The Guides cover more than 50 topics, customized by culture, including Women in BusinessLGBTQ+ communitiesDiversity trends, and Giving Feedback.

Expand and Diversify Your Talent Pool

As human beings, we all have biases that can sway the way we perceive other people. Our Inclusive Recruiting learning module is specifically designed to help recruiters and hiring managers to recognize their biases and approach the recruitment process in an inclusive way, allowing organizations to tap into the very top diverse candidates.

Become an Inclusion Champion

Learn more about key diversity topics and make your workplace more inclusive.

Our learning modules like Unconscious Bias and Micro-Inequities, Generational Diversity, and Gender Diversity, address common pitfalls and arm employees with the knowledge to do better.

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