Effective global training

The need for cultural training and support for assignees continues to grow. Yet mobility departments are being asked to do more with less.

GlobeSmart offers cost-effective training and support for global travelers, assignees, and the host-country teams receiving them.

Break Down Communication Barriers

Over 80% of executives experience communication challenges while working abroad. Prevent misunderstandings before they happen.

The GlobeSmart Profile assesses individual work-styles and compares them against average styles of nearly 100 cultures.

It then provides customized advice on key topics such as establishing credibility, building teamwork, and effective approaches to leadership.

“GlobeSmart is a ‘must-have’ for any expatriate.”

Tao Xie, Global Human Resources Development, Hyundai Motors

Cultural Training for All Budgets

Do you have limited resources to prepare your global talent for assignments abroad?

GlobeSmart Culture Guides provide assignees with access to in-depth information on nearly 100 cultures.

Each guide covers 50 topics, including: communication, relationship building, working with customers and colleagues, managing meetings, persuading, negotiating, and more.

Learning That Gets to the Point

International assignees have limited time to prepare for their assignments.

GlobeSmart offers high-impact, engaging modules for employees going abroad.

Assignees will quickly benefit from modules such as Going on an International Assignment, the Guide to Self Selection and the Repatriation Toolkit.

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